Alan Shearer delivers verdict on Man City title win amid looming Premier League charges

Alan Shearer doesn’t believe the Premier League charges hanging over Manchester City should diminish from their title achievements.

Pep Guardiola’s side were crowned champions for the third successive season, winning five of their last six. City won the league without playing after Arsenal’s 1-0 defeat to Nottingham Forest.

City have been charged with over 150 historical financial breaches by the Premier League which the club have contested. Shearer believes those lingering charges do not detract from their achievements on the pitch this season.

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“It’s unbelievable,” Shearer told Match of The Day. “The way he approaches the game, his attitude, it reflects in his teams and his players.

“They go out and more often than not they do exactly what he wants. They have just been absolutely relentless after the World Cup.

“To keep that hunger, five out of the last six, the last three. To keep going and going.

“Despite that hanging over them, it doesn’t stop the players from going out and doing their job. It is there but they still have to go out and perform, that is what they have done.”

“What has been really impressive, over the years we have seen managers reinvent teams by bringing in new players,” Jermaine Jenas added. “Granted, Manchester City have done that along the way by reinvigorating the side, but he has almost reinvented the game at times.

“We have seen the inverted full-backs, John Stones in midfield, false nines and now they have an animal up front. It’s a different way of playing every single season.”