Erling Haaland credits Man City medical staff for unsung role in his 26 goals

Erling Haaland says the Manchester City medical staff have played an important role as anyone at the club for his electric start to life at the Etihad.

Speaking after scoring his 25th and 26th goals of the season in just 20 appearances, Haaland was discussing how he has integrated into the City team, and whether the squad has adapted to his playing style rather than the other way round.

However, the Norwegian was keen to shine a light on the City medical team, who have helped him manage his fitness from his first week at the club, as he has battled some small ankle issues along with other minor injuries before the World Cup break.

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Offering an encouraging update on those issues that saw him miss a handful of games in October and November, Haaland told NBC: “It’s a fantastic first half-year to work with Pep [Guardiola] and work with such amazing players, and not only the coaching staff and the players but the medical staff has been working so good for me to fix my body.

“I’ve been having some small problems but now it’s getting much better and it’s been a pleasure honestly to work with these guys and improve my game because I’m still young and that’s something I want to do – I want to improve and I want to become better.

“Of course everyone has opinions on how you can fit into this team or that, but what can I do? I cannot do anything about that. I just have to do my thing, basically.”

Haaland also spoke of his improving mindset – especially when it comes to resetting after missing a chance.

He said: “To be honest, I get really p****d [when I miss a chance]. That’s the truth. But when I miss, I want to score even more. That’s the funny thing – when I score one, it’s such a good feeling I want to score another goal, so it’s positive. But, of course it’s hard [to miss].

“You remember in Salzburg it was hard for me when I missed chances. Jesse [Marsch] knew all about that. I’m getting old, more mature, and I’m getting a bit better handling these situations, but of course it’s hard. You have to think in a way to do something about the next chance because you cannot do anything about the past, you have to think about the next chance.”