Jack Grealish hailed as Manchester City’s ‘most dangerous player’ despite Southampton bore draw

Manchester City endured a slow start to last season and went on to silence the critics by coming out on top in the Premier League title race.

Perhaps this season is following a similar pattern.

Although it’s fair to say Saturday’s 0-0 draw against Southampton was somewhat disappointing, considering City had scored 16 goals in their three prior home games, Jack Grealish was yet again a bright spark throughout the match.

In the latest City is Ours Facebook live, City fan brands writer Alex Brotherton was accompanied by City fan brands editor Dom Farrell as they discussed all things City, including Grealish yet again showing he is worthy of his £100m price tag.

AB: “There were bright sparks. Grealish was predictably good on the left-wing. I think you’ll do well to pick out a performance [this season] where Grealish didn’t have a good game.”

Despite the 0-0 result, Jack Grealish still played very well

DF: “I think Grealish is a really significant plus point. If you compare him to similar signings – going way back to that great [Roberto] Mancini summer where they brought in Yaya Toure, [Mario] Balotelli, David Silva, James Milner, [Aleksandar] Kolarov- whenever City have bought from, and this isn’t to be disparaging of Villa or anybody else, the lower down rung of the Premier League, there’s been a bit of a mixed bag.

“You’ll have outright nightmares like Wilfred Bony or you’ll have someone like Riyad Mahrez who is now a key player but it took a season, a season-and-a-half for it to really click. Grealish has come in from Villa with a big price tag and a big reputation and he instantly looks like the most dangerous player.

“He’s played every minute in the league and it’s a credit to him. Also to Pep and the coaching staff for facilitating it, but really a credit to him for what a talent he is.

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“He’s going into a City forward line without an actual centre-forward but Jack Grealish is a positive every time you look at him.

“It’s exciting now. You look at the big weeks coming up with these games against Chelsea, PSG and Liverpool- I can’t wait to see Jack Grealish in those games. I think it’s going to be really exciting.”

AB: “I am 100% with you there. I think he probably hasn’t hit the absolute heights that we know he will at some point. But he has certainly made a cracking start to life at Manchester City so bring on those big games for Jack Grealish!”

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