Pep Guardiola blasts ‘stupid comments’ that could derail Man City treble chances and title defence

The idea that Manchester City will win the Premier League next season is stupid, according to manager Pep Guardiola, who admitted he is scared of losing because of the criticism he could receive.

Guardiola has led City to five of the last six Premier League titles, and could end the season with a historic treble if the Blues win the FA Cup and Champions League in the next three weeks.

With City’s dominance this season, they have already been installed as early favourites for next season’s Premier League title, but Guardiola says this season will have no reflection on their chances next year.

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To make his point, Guardiola said he never gets tired of winning because he is scared to lose, and that external predictions must be put out of his mind as they are simply ‘stupid comments’.

“Introduce me to a manager who doesn’t want to win,” Guardiola said. “I’m scared to lose, I don’t want to be criticised, I want respect from my players. What we say, what we do, is to win. I accept my defeats because I always accept that the opponents can be better and beat us.

“So when people say we failed or lost it is like the others are s***. But the others can be good and beat us. It’s like ignoring the other ones. If the other ones beat us it is because they deserve it. When people say now that next season just Man City can win the Premier League, they are stupid comments.

“As much as you are not in your head, it is because you accept they are stupid comments. But as much as they are not in your head, they remain stupid comments. Next season will be tough because all clubs want to beat us. That is the challenge.

“Next season during one year we defend our crown. It belongs to us for one year and we will work for it. If they want it, they have to do it better than us. But if it happens, we will congratulate them.”

Looking ahead to the final games of the season, Guardiola insisted that on the same trail of thought, City must take their two finals as seriously as possible an ignore the predictions that they will definitely win the treble.

He said: “United can beat us. Inter can beat us. They have three Champions Leagues, we don’t have any. But we have to do our best to try to avoid it.