Ryder Cup star Tommy Fleetwood teases Man City manager Pep Guardiola about advice

Tommy Fleetwood joked that he gets nothing back in return for giving Pep Guardiola golf tips.

The Manchester City boss loves the sport and regularly spends summers away from his job, playing in various tournaments. He reiterated recently that he will not stay in football management for the rest of his life because he needs time to reduce his handicap.

Guardiola struck up a friendship with British golfer Tommy Fleetwood, with the pair playing together for the first time on the day the manager’s first Premier League title with City was confirmed in 2018. They have stayed in touch ever since and also managed to get a few more rounds in, although their work schedules leave little space for it.

City’s coach referred to Fleetwood recently as his golf teacher, although pointed out that they only get to play about once every 12 months.

The golfer, currently competing in the Italian Open, was asked about the recent comments and joked that the tips that he gave to Guardiola were not reciprocated with any words of advice from the elite football manager.

“It’s a bit more than once a year. He gets a little bit bitter about it but he’s a much busier man than I am,” Fleetwood told The Associated Press.

“I learn nothing from him. He never gives me any advice at all. It’s all a one-way street. Nothing at all. One-way street. You can tell him that.”