Sergio Aguero tells Man City what he thinks Lionel Messi’s future holds

Serio Aguero thinks Lionel Messi will remain at Barcelona, ending Manchester City’s hopes of signing the best player in the world.

When Messi announced he wanted to leave Barca last year before deciding to stay in order to avoid a complex legal battle, City felt as though they would be at the front of the queue to sign him.

While City remained quiet publicly at the time, they have since confirmed they have the funds to sign Messi on a free transfer while covering his wage demands and various other financial commitments.

However, with the election of Joan Laporta as the new Barcelona president, Messi appears more open to remaining at Barcelona, and has a new contract offer on the table.

Now close friend Aguero has signed, the chances of Messi staying seem higher still, as the new signing from City explained how playing with his international teammate was a big part of his decision to move to Catalonia.

Aguero said: “It is an immense joy because since I was a kid, and even more so now with Messi, I have thought that Barca is the best club in the world.

“Let’s hope we can play together, of course. As president Laporta said, we’ve been negotiating for a long time and whatever happens with Leo will be his decision along with the club.

“Obviously, it would be a pleasure and it would make me very proud to play together. I’ve played with him in the [Argentina] national team since we were kids, I know him quite well and I hope we can play together here.

“I think we will, but let’s hope we can do the best for the club.

“The thing with Leo is that he will make decisions with the club. I have been with him since a kid with the national team, I know him very well, and I think he’ll stay here. We’ll try to do the best we can for the club.”

City are in the market for a big-name striker to replace Aguero, with COO Omar Berrada last week confirming that planning is underway for the ‘near impossible’ task of signing a new forward to fill his boots.